VOLLEYBALL | Girls team battles for their second straight win

Winning a tightly contested game against Canoga Park, the Wolves are now 2-5 for the season. They seek a third win against San Fernando on Oct. 6.

The team secured a win against Canoga Park High School on Oct. 4, 2021, winning three of four sets.

The girls narrowly took a 25-23 win on the first set with only a two-point differential separating the teams. Canoga went on to take the second set, 25-20.

The Wolves rallied back to take a win in the third set with a score of 26-24.

The fourth set was just as intense as the previous sets, with the game remaining tightly contested. Towards the end of the fourth set, a Canoga mishap saw the ball hit the net and resulted in the Wolves being awarded the remaining points necessary to win the final set, 27-25.

After this win, the team improves to 2-5 with five games remaining in the season.