FOOTBALL | Wolves are pummeled too early for a Homecoming game miracle

The wolfpack team lose their third game at home, but attract a large crowd in their special game.

Van Nuys went up against Panorama for the homecoming game on Oct. 1, 2021, but unfortunately lost 35 – 8.


The offense showed promise this week in the second quarter. While it was slightly inconsistent, the offense risked many more deep passes and connected on some of them. 


The run game was an ineffective tool because of Panorama’s secure defensive line. The offense had to rely on their passing, which resulted in some interceptions. 


The hometown defense started to rev up around the end of the second quarter and remained strong at the beginning of the third. 


The defense held Panorama’s offense to just 14 additional points in the second half after giving up 21 points in the first quarter. 


With the defense coming alive in the middle of the game, the offense showed a lot of potential to get better, especially in pass coverage.


While the score looked bad it doesn’t show the true story of the game and what actually happened. 


The entire team showed potential in this game to get better for next year’s Homecoming battle.