REVIEW | “Certified Lover Boy” flaunts Drake’s luxurious lifestyle

The highly anticipated new album featuring Jay-Z, Travis Scott and Lil Wayne is a mix of upbeat confidence and subtle vulnerability.



Drake returns to the top of the charts with his latest release “Certified Lover Boy.”

Nine months after the intended release, Drake’s anticipated sixth studio album “Certified Lover Boy” finally dropped last Friday Sept. 3.

With a track list consisting of 21 songs, features include JAY-Z, Travis Scott, Lil Wayne, 21 Savage, Kid Cudi, Giveon, Future, Young Thug and other big name artists.

Ranging from upbeat songs like “Way 2 Sexy ” that ooze confidence to more subtle but vulnerable songs like “Yebba’s Heartbreak,” Drake takes his listeners on a trip through a decade worth of experience in the music industry.

Tracks like “Champagne Poetry” and “Papi’s Home” flaunt his luxurious life and his unbotheredness as he remains at the top of the charts. He writes about achieving his aspirations and his security within his inner circle and career.

It wouldn’t be a Drake album without some insight on his love life.

On tracks like “Girls Want Girls” and “In the Bible,” he speaks about the women he desires but knows how temporary these women are to him because of his lifestyle.

He acknowledges the hurt he has inflicted on the women that were once in his life in the song “F***ng Fans.”

On tracks like “TSU”, “Pipe Down”, “Race My Mind”, “IMY2 ” , “N 2 Deep” , “Fountains” and “Get Along Better”, Drake sings about a common theme of unreciprocated love in his life. From showering women with his riches to offering his own love and support, he is still unable to find someone to settle down with.

Songs “Love All”, “Fair Trade” , “No Friends In the Industry”, “7 a.m on Bridle Path” and “The Remorse” speak on the feuds and experiences he has had during his career. He explains how these feuds fuels his growth and maturity.
Certified Lover Boy is dedicated in memory of close friends and social media influencers Nadia Ntuli and Jenae Gagnier, known on social media as Mercedes Morr, who passed away this year.

The songwriter’s album “Certified Lover Boy” can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music.