D1 CHAMPS | Boys Volleyball wins 6th city title

Van Nuys High School 2021 Division 1 champions.

From the street you could hear the roar of the crowd booming from within Sylmar Charter High School. June 5, the Division 1 CIF LA Volleyball Championships were underway.

The first set saw Van Nuys building momentum with an early 5 point lead. Sylmar called a time out when the score was 15-17 breaking the Wolves’ momentum and the Spartans started to catch up. From there the game was neck and neck with Sylmar matching every point that Van Nuys Scored. The Wolves pulled the set together ending it 27-25 a well timed block from #18 Jai Korisal.

The second set was constantly tied up with extended volleys sending the ball over the net multiple times before a point was scored. The Wolves never lost hope with the constant hype from the sideline keeping spirits high. After a short time out the wolves brought the set home 25-23.

A series of mistakes made the third set fall into Sylmar’s favor. Awoken by the crowd cheering “wake up” the Wolves started to come back but it was too late. Sylmar pulled in the set 22-25.

The fourth and final set, both teams were tired and prone to mistakes. Sylmar was getting desperate and started making risky plays. The Wolves kept their plays smart and started to build a lead. With an excellent set from #5 Alex Pinwatana, Korisal went into a quick attack building momentum for what would end the game. Pinwatana fired a set across the court to #19 John Legaspi lived up to the cheer “swing it like Legaspi” as he ended the set 25-23 and the game 3-1.

Immediately the crowd ran onto the court to celebrate the win. Coach Omri Azarly took a moment to himself to celebrate the win of what will be his last season with Van Nuys. Alumni and the team surrounded the Coach in celebration with team captain Jake Stanley embracing him. The team finished their celebration by soaking the coach with water as principal Gardea joined the team to congratulate them.

The wolves will be participating in the Southern California Division 4 Regional Playoffs on the 8th at Ramona Highschool near San Diego.