A quick fix in your closet

We all can have a satisfying wardrobe on a budget


Have you ever just wanted to change your fashion but you feel like you can’t because you have limits when it comes to money?

Well believe it or not there are ways you can have a step up your fashion with a limit. Here are some tips for it.

The most important tip when looking for a new style is to do it for your own enjoyment. If the reason you’re seeking a style switch is that other people tell you to, you aren’t going to be happy. With any fashion, the decision comes opinions so when looking at something try looking for clothes, find the ones that you feel comfortable in, and feel confident that what matters the most then rest of my tips.

The second tip is to know what is your budget around. Also don’t have high expectations when it comes to fashion with a low budget. You can find nice fits with low money but don’t also expect to find all the clothes you want with that budget. Think of a realistic budget. You can. Try to have the mindset of “ That is a fair price for what I paid for”.

The third tip is figuring out what exactly you are looking for. Look at the clothes you have now and from that, you can know what exactly you are looking for or feel like you are missing. Like for example if you have a lot of shirts and you only have a few pairs of jeans it would be logical to try to find a new pair of jeans which really can change your style even if you wear the same shirts you had before.

The fourth tip is to do your research on what stores have the clothes you are looking for. You can even apply filters like your price range. It’s important to read reviews so you can see what to expect from that item. You also can research what stores are going on sale so you can have the opportunity to buy clothes for a cheaper price.

The fifth tip is it’s better to shop in-store than online. When you’re in the store you have a more clear idea of how the clothes would look on you compared to shopping online. Like for example, if you are a size small in one store it can be completely different in another one. Also, think realistically, are you going to have the same weight for a long time? Like you want to buy one that fits perfectly you ask yourself is it likely I gain weight. If you were to buy a jacket that fits perfectly but if you gain weight it won’t fit you that means you would have to buy a new jacket or won’t even have the money to buy another based on your budget. That’s why it’s important to go to the stores than shopping online. Don’t get me wrong some clothing is only available online only but if you can buy it in a store that would help you out.

The sixth tip is to try to buy “universal clothes” as I like to call them. What I mean by that is when you have a budget, you won’t be able to buy many different outfits. So it’s smart to buy certain clothes that can work with many outfits. For example, a basic plain black t-shirt can work with black jeans, blue jeans, shorts, and a skirt. Since you have a budget. Some certain clothing can only work with one certain outfit but you can’t really afford that with a budget so buying universal clothes can help you out with many outfits. Like even adding one day a flannel shirt on your black shirt and another day adding a jacket on top can really change the whole style. With universal clothes, there are so many combinations you can work with.

There is so much you can do in fashion even with a budget all you really need is confidence and be creative. I hope you were able to find something useful on this blog even if it’s small.