Wolves Volleyball defeats Kennedy Cougars

3-1 Wolves continue their legacy of domination.

Two blockers from Kennedy try desperately to block Varsity Captain Jake Stanley’s (#29) spike.

On April 29, boys varsity volleyball had the second game of the 2021 season.

From the start the Wolves filled the grass volleyball court with an unwavering energy. The players on and off the court were constantly communicating with one another keeping positivity.

The team had to be quick to adjust with the court being outside, the day brought around windy and smokey conditions making the ball’s trajectory hard to predict.

“Playing outside is definitely a challenge, but it’s something we can adapt to. All of our games have been windy, which makes it incredibly difficult,” says Varsity Senior Tristan Timpers.

The Wolves won the first two sets 25-19 and 25-12, the streak was broken by losing the 3rd set 19-25. The Wolves wrapped the game up by winning the last set of the day 25-19.

The boys volleyball team is looking forward to their future games wishful that they’ll be indoors. For now, they’ll continue to adapt and learn about the unfamiliar world of outdoor volleyball.