School announces Associated Student Body election results

The long-awaited outcome of the ASB Student Council, Junior Board and Senior Board elections has been revealed.


Mr.Ferrin is the asb advisor and will be working with the new elects.


Following the conclusion of the Van Nuys High School student elections for the Associated Student Body Student Council, Senior Board and Junior Board, the results of the suspenseful voting were finally announced.

In regards to the outcome of the ASB Student Council election, student Namrata Kumar has been elected president, Rona Lasam has been voted vice president, Giancarlo Plaza has been elected secretary and Zannatul Mim has been voted treasurer.

Furthermore, in relation to the results of the Senior Board election, student Naomi Lee has been voted president, Kaella Chin has been elected vice president, Stephanie Guerra has been voted secretary and Claire Auton has been elected treasurer.

In reference to the outcome of the Junior Board election, student Abigail Lee has been elected president, Raina Marangattu has been voted vice president, Esther Kim has been elected secretary and Lakshya Alagan has been voted treasurer.

Individuals interested in applying as candidates for next year’s Associated Student Body elections are encouraged to submit a completed ASB Application Form. One can access this form either by clicking on the provided link or by finding the form posted on the Schoology home page.

After inputting one’s full name and grade level for the duration of the 2021-2022 school year, students must enter into the application which Van Nuys Program they are a member of. They are also required to upload a file displaying their grades from the Fall of 2020 along with their ten-week progress report, and to list the classes they expect to take over the course of the 2021-2022 school year.

Individuals can optionally upload a second file into the application presenting their resume, which should consist of various accomplishments they have achieved and extracurricular activities they have participated in. The application form also provides an opportunity for students to ask questions regarding future elections.

Students have until Friday, April 30 at 3:00 pm to submit their forms.