What do retired e-sports players do after their careers are finished?

Twitch, a new home for retired esports players.

Have you ever wondered what an esport player does when they are not practicing for their next match or have completely finished their careers? Many esports players retire early in their lives, usually in their late thirties to their early forties. This is because esports players have very fast reflexes and can think very quickly intense situations. Most people’s reflexes and mental acuity tend to diminish in their thirties.

So what do these retired players do after they finish their careers early in their lives? Well, most turn to streaming or to commentating professional esports games. Many of these streamers end up making a lot of money streaming video games and sharing their personality online.

Streamers come from a wide range of backgrounds and seek fame for their personalities and gaming prowess. Esports players tend to gain wide viewerships due to their insane gaming talent like SKT1’s Faker.

When their pro career is over, however, Twitch becomes the true home for esports athletes. These ex-esports players see new freedom on Twitch.

These streamers are retired esports players from many games. Ex-esports players aren’t just limited to playing the games they succeeded in. The popular ex-overwatch professional tank, xQcOW now streams games like online chess, Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto V. Shroud an ex Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rifler now streams games like Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege and Grand Theft Auto V.

Ninja most known for his time playing the game Fortnite is also a former pro halo player who played on the team cloud 9. He now streams games like League of Legends, Valorant and Fortnite.

Currently, many streamers are streaming Grand Theft Auto V as a new RP(roleplay) server was made in the game that adds more things to the game like hunger and jobs. On the server the streamers can roleplay as whatever they want and can think of, one streamer named Burn even roleplays as Johnny Silverhand from the game Cyberpunk 2077 and imitates his voice very well.

Deficio a former professional LOL(league of legends) player now serves as a color commentator for the game giving professional insight into live matches.