The Black Student Union is creating a safe space for BIPOC students

BSU Co-President Brianna “Bird” Baker discusses the club and how our student body can participate.


The Black Student Union meets every Thursday at 2:30 on Zoom.

What do you do as the BSU club?

The BSU is here to provide a safe space for people of color, specifically the Black population at Van Nuys High School. It’s also here to educate and inform the rest of the student body about Black issues and Black cultures so that students can be well informed when they go out into the world.

Is there anything in particular the club is doing for Black History Month?

The BSU planned a few workshops for Black History Month, but due to the Zoom setback, it’s been difficult to get solid plans. We have been holding Zoom meetings with a different theme every week. Some of our themes have included microaggression, fashion icons and women.

What impact do you strive to create with the BSU club?

The BSU club strives to create home away from home for Black students so that they
can see people like them advocating for their needs and wants at our school.

What can the rest of the student body do to support the BSU club?

The student body can support the BSU club by attending the weekly Zoom meetings.
We always want a variety of people, of all colors, in the crowd. We want to get our
message out to as many people as possible

Is there anything you would like to add?

The BSU is a great club and I love the community that we’ve built. I’m really proud of the rest of my board members and the students who attend the meetings. Throughout these trying times, I feel like this club has really grounded me and I can speak for the rest of my board when I say this club has given us something that is really unique. It’s sort of a family within the school that you know you can always go to. It’s really cool that even on Zoom, you can feel the love coming out of these meetings.