Coming to Netflix

New and upcoming movies joining Netflix to binge watch for January

From romance comedy to documentaries, here are films that will be available this month to watch on Netflix.

Hire a Woman
Invited to a university reunion, a man tries to make his ex-girlfriend miserable by paying his co-worker to be his pretend girlfriend. As the story unfolds, the two women are in competition. The Nigerian romance comedy will be available on Jan. 26.

Penguin Bloom
Based on a true story, “Penguin Bloom” follows the story of a mother who is paralyzed after a tragic accident. As her family adapts to the situation, her husband finds an injured magpie and decides to take him in. Sam notices how much she relates to the injured magpie. As she realizes the captivity the magpie is living in, she recognizes the same in herself. The magpie motivates her to go out and experience the world even after her tragic accident. Based on a true story, the film will be available on Jan. 27.

Following the journey of cyclists who travel around the world, the film takes viewers along, showing every location they visit. The documentary showcases the extreme sport of cycling and the cyclists’ stories. Initially released on July 8, 2020, the film will be available through Netflix on Jan. 27.

Below Zero
A prisoner transfer van is attacked in the middle of the snow. Martin, the cop in charge, must find a way to get out of the van before the prisoners get to him and attack him. The Netflix film will be available on Jan. 29.

Finding ‘Ohana
While visiting Oahu, two siblings find a journal that belonged to “Monk,” the sailor of the Caribbean. They set out on a quest to find long lost treasures hinted at in the mysterious journal while immersing themselves in their Hawaiian heritage. The heartfelt, action, comedy film will be released on Jan. 29.

In 1917, in a Portuguese town, three children saw an apparition of the Virgin Mary. The apparition enters their life to give them hope and faith through the troubling situations caused by the aftermath of World War I. As the news of the sightings spread, the government officials attempt to silence their stories. Based on historical events, “Fatima” premiered on Aug. 28, 2020, but will be available on Netflix on Jan. 31.