“King” Ryan Garcia boxes his way into superstardom 

How the greatest knockout of his profession prompted him to winning the WBC Interim Championship title



Ryan Garcia wears a crown to fit hit nickname “King Ryan.”


Ryan Garcia, the 22 year old super featherweight and lightweight champion, has won the WBC Interim lightweight title on Jan. 2 at the American Center in Dallas, Texas. 


Garcia scored the biggest knockout of his career when he used a powerful left jab into the body of Luke Campbell. 

King Ryan lands a left jab to win the crown.

He took this opportunity to not only win the WBC Interim Championship, but to show fans and critics alike that he is not just another social media star in the boxing world.

“I think I showed a lot of people who I really am,” Garcia said. “They wanted to call me a social media star. You aren’t who people tell you who you are, you are who you choose to be.”


In one of the opening rounds, Garcia faced serious danger for the first time in his career when he was met with a fierce left hand punch by the 33 year old British professional boxer Luke Campbell. 


“I’ve never been dropped in my life,” Garcia said after the fight. “I got a little too excited about the moment. I wanted to crack him and he cracked me. I had to adjust. I knew I could beat him. I had to show everyone what a warrior is really like.” 


After the unpredicted knockout, Garcia quickly collected himself and controlled the third and fourth rounds with his superior hand speed and accuracy. 


“I’m honestly heartbroken,” said Campbell on Instagram after the fight. “I really wanted to bring the win back for you all. I’m sorry for that.


Campbell then congratulated Garcia on the win. “I hope you all enjoyed the fight. Have to take my hat off to Ryan Garcia, well done and a massive future ahead for him. I wish him all the best.”