Dance lessons at the park

Elizabeth Zepeda hosts dance classes at the Sherman Oaks park.


Bella Thomas

Elizabeth Zepeda teaches a hip hop dance at the Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks Recreation Center.

Amidst hectic online classes and the common quarantine inactivity, Dance Company senior Elizabeth Zepeda began dance lessons at the Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks Recreation Center.

Zepeda was inspired by her hobby of making dance routines for fun and wanted to enjoy dancing with her classmates a few more times before completing her final year.

Every week leading up to her class, Zepeda would prepare her dance.

Beginning with warm-ups and stretches, the class — which ranged from four to nine students — would segue into learning Zepeda’s dance routines which consisted mainly of hip hop.

Taking precautionary measures, the students were required to wear a face mask and practiced social distancing.

Typically on Monday, the weekly lessons ran for an hour and a half and were offered to students who were 15 years and older.

Due to time constraints after getting a job, Zepeda decided to end her dance classes after four lessons.

“It was really fun,” Zepeda said. “I honestly really enjoyed teaching and at least getting to dance with some of my classmates.”