FOCUS | Student screen time rises

WITH REMOTE LEARNING in full swing, students are spending even more time in front of a screen. On average, students are getting five to six hours of additional technology use a day. Since the start of quarantine, students have also been relying mainly on their phones for entertainment, visiting apps like Tik Tok and Netflix, whose use has not slowed down in the presence of online learning.

We spoke to three Van Nuys students who explain how the coronavirus pandemic and distance learning have impacted their use of technology.

NAOMI LEE | 11th grade.

When your whole life basically becomes virtual/online, it’s hard to limit your screen time to a certain extent. You are looking at a screen for five hours straight and then another couple hours after to do all your homework and studying.

I haven’t opened a single textbook or written anything by hand since the start of distance learning.

I always say that I hate to be on my phone and I wish we didn’t have phones, but the reality is, our whole lives take place on a screen and it’s hard to escape it.

TOBY RYU | 12th grade

Quarantine and distance learning has basically backed me into a corner where I am forced to look at a screen all day.

From the moment that I wake up, I look at a screen for classes. Afterwards, I look at a screen for homework. And finally, since going outside is not really an option, I spend my free time relaxing on my phone.

Without a doubt, distance learning and quarantine has caused my screen time to skyrocket — and I don’t really have a choice.

EMILY WOO | 12th grade.

Ever since online school my screen time went up even higher. Of course, that time has been going to apps other than Tik Tok.

My time is spread around on different devices but I spend about 4 hours on Zoom on my laptop usually with another window open that has a spreadsheet or Google Doc or Google or whatever we are using in class.

After school I also spend more time on my to do list app, Google Docs, Schoology, etc. for homework and planning out my day.

A lot of my time is spent on FaceTime or non-school Zooms to play “Among Us” or just talk with friends.