Local businesses board up in anticipation of election violence

Earlier this year, many businesses were broken into and looted. Now that the election year is coming to an end, businesses fear post-election looting.



PLYWOOD PROTECTION Van Nuys businesses are boarding up their buildings to avoid damages from potential protests on Election Day.

Throughout the nation, cities and businesses continue to prepare for post-election violence and civil unrest, regardless of which candidate wins.

Several businesses have already been looted during the peak of protests over the death of George Floyd. Hoping to prevent further looting and destruction most businesses are boarding up their windows and entrances with large pieces of plywood and are hiring guards.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said that there was “no intelligence” suggesting that there would violence or voter intimidation at the polls. But police are prepared for the worst and ready to protect voters at the ballots.

Cities have planned out when and where violence is most likely to erupt.

The Los Angeles Police Department has urged all its officers to reschedule any vacation days in order to be on call for possible protests or other unrest.

In Beverly Hills, over the past weekend, workers could be seen on the street sides boarding up store windows with plywood while Trump supporters held a “freedom rally” which was briefly disrupted by counter-protesters.