Club rush with a new spin

Club Rush will be starting this Friday.



Done differently in previous years, clubs prep up for a virtual Club Rush.

By Andrew Vega, Staff Writer

Every year the students of VNHS celebrate Club Rush, which is an event that showcases all of the clubs offered on campus. It promotes student involvement and recruitment of new club members by offering and encouraging students to explore subjects and hobbies they may be interested in. 

This year, however, Club Rush is much different than in previous years. This semester, VNHS is trying to allow for clubs to take place without breaking Los Angeles County guidelines by moving club meetings online and decreasing/postponing fundraising events.

VNHS, this year, will conduct Club Rush virtually and on Friday, Oct. 23. Students and faculty are going to have to adhere to a schedule change for one day.

The schedule is as follows.

Students will attend periods two and then four. Advisory H and L will combine from 11:30 am to 11:40 am. Club Rush will start at 11:45 am and end at 12:30 pm. Students will then proceed to lunch and period six.