LA Clippers get a new man in charge

LA Clippers hire Tyronn Lue to a 5-year deal.


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Can Tyroon Lue lead the Clippers to their first championship?

By Sam Eusebio, Staff Writer

After the departure of Doc Rivers, the Clippers hired Tyronn Lue as their new head coach. The deal that Tyronn Lue signed was a 5-year deal to coach for the Los Angeles Clippers. 

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The signing of Lue is an important step for the Clippers organization. This decision could be integral in boosting their chances of winning the 2021-22 NBA championships.

During the 2015-16 NBA season, Lue served as the Cleveland Cavaliers Head Coach. This led to a championship victory with LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love.

Lue’s career record as Head Coach of the Cavaliers is 136-84 win-loss. The last time Lue served as Head Coach was in 2018 with the Cavaliers.

During the 2019 NBA offseason, the Clippers signed Kawhi Leonard to a 4-year deal and traded in Paul George from the Thunder. The Clippers would end up with a record of 49-23, and finished 2nd in the Western Conference Division by the end of the season. 

In the NBA Playoffs, the Clippers ended up beating the Mavericks in the first round with the series going to Game 7.

At the Western Semi-Finals, the Clippers would fall to the Nuggets after leading 3-1 in a Game 7 series. This resulted in the firing of Doc Rivers after 7 seasons as the Head Coach for the Clippers. 

With the Clippers hiring of Lue, rumors are speculating that Chauncey Billups is offered to serve as an Assistant Coach for Lue. As of right now, many teams are interested in having Billups as their head coach.

With Lue at the helm of the Clippers, next season may be the season that they take the title of champions from the rival Lakers.