Ryan Garcia is ready to strike

Ryan Garcia will prove haters wrong as he steps into the ring this upcoming year

By Melanie Contreras, Staff Writer

Ryan Garcia, a 22-year-old featherweight champion, will be fighting against Luke Campbell, a 32-year-old featherweight southpaw for the WBC Interim lightweight title this upcoming year. 

 Ryan Garcia’s fans have been skeptical due to him being in a match in the early stages of his career that can potentially be a “terrible mistake,” says Eddie Hearna a Matchroom Promoter.

“Just look at the facts. I’m gonna fight Luke Campbell and I’m gonna show the people I 

will beat him, and relatively easy,” says Garcia in an interview with Fight Hub TV.

As a response to the fight with Ryan Garcia, Luke Campbell says:

“It’s a fight that I’m really up for, and I can go in there and showcase my skills.”

There is no clear date for when the Garcia vs. Campbell’s fight will begin however, Ryan has signed a portion of the contract for the Garcia vs. Campbell’s fight to take place in November.

But with all of this happening, Ryan still does have many advantages for winning the fight with his 85% knockout percentage, powerful left hook, and a 20 streak win with 17 KO’s and no losses. Meanwhile, Luke Campbell is a southpaw, with an 80% knockout percentage, a streak of 23 wins, 16 KO’s and 3 losses.

Both of these fighters are highly skilled and it will be hard to say who will win, and with the tensions rising as the fight gets closer one thing is certain, it will be an interesting fight for both of these boxers as Ryan Garcia will be put to the pressure as the future face of Boxing and Luke Campbell will be proven he is still a level experienced fighter.