The President vs. the Postal Service

President Donald Trump pushes to defund the United States Postal Service.


By Eleonora Badikyan, Staff Writer

President Donald Trump has been known for his many controversies, but he has recently presented some information that has startled many. According to CNN news, Trump has been reported trying to defund the USPS postal service to prevent mail-in voting. Mail-in voting has become a common voting option due to the current circumstances of a worldwide pandemic, yet Trump suggests it’ll hurt his re-election and suspects the mails will be rigged. Trump claims mail-in voting to be unlawful; “…They want three and a half-billion dollars for something that’ll turn out to be fraudulent, that’s election money basically.”

To put pen to paper, Trump is officially signing a bill to prevent postal services funding. Trump went on to deny a covid-19 relief bill because it covered support for the Postal Service. According to NPR news, “Trump said one major factor is the Democrats’ push for an injection of funds into the Postal Service to expand voting by mail.” Trump seems to convey hard feelings towards the USPS due to the democrats support in their mail-in voting. Without the Covid-19 relief bill, the USPS, which services millions of people across the country, has become financially unstable and is performing worse with slowing shipping rates.

President Trump has been in a frenzy about his re-election coming up and has been paranoid with the secureness of voting. Despite Trump’s veto on a bill requesting covid-19 funding, he is also working to delay the election so that everyone can vote safely, and because the mail-in ballots will take a while to count. He has reportedly encouraged his voters to vote twice. According to CNN, “President Donald Trump suggested to his supporters on Friday night that if they vote by mail they should also attempt to vote in person as a way to check that their vote is counted.” By encouraging supporters to vote twice for him via mail-in ballots, he has legally suggested to his supporters to commit a class one felony to ensure the integrity of the electoral votes. News broke out about elected officials warning him against this operation but to no avail. Since suggesting voters vote twice for the election, he has recently retracted that statement and instead asked supporters to “Check in the polling place to make sure they haven’t double voted,” According to New York Times.