Sports teams stand against racism

Sports world is in a boycott, teams are refusing to play games to stand against racism.


CREDIT: Pexels

Sports world’s newest controversy is NBA teams boycotting for the first time against racism.

By Andre Davancens, Photographer, Sports Analyst

On Wednesday the 26th the NBA officially announced that the 5th game of the league is postponed and will need to be rescheduled.

In light of the shooting of Jacob Blake, the Milwaukee Bucks decided to remain in the locker room for the duration of the game.

This is the first boycott in the history of the NBA and the message is clear.

The boycott spread past the Bucks and resonated throughout the NBA and WNBA as well as the sports world as a whole.

Multiple sports teams and organizations have decided to postpone their games and seasons. 

With the decision of the NHL to postpone their playoff games this has become a multinational movement.

 “NYI-Philly was going to play tonight, but Canuck’s stance shifted the dynamics,” tweeted Larry Brooks with the New York Post.

The Vancouver Canucks stance in conjunction with the Hockey Diversity Alliance’s (HDA) statement led to the NHL officially postponing their sports seasons.

This multinational movement shows solidarity between athletes across North America to stand against racism.