How to Cope with Quarantine

Discover some ways you can spend your days indoors and stay entertained during the covid-19 pandemic.

By Ani Tutunjyan and Oscar Jimenez

It all progressed quickly: rising death counts, toilet paper and hand sanitizer out of stock, school shutdowns, and statewide lockdown. Chances are, schools will be closed for a long time and boredom will kick in soon (if it hasn’t already).

Here are some ways you can fight boredom in the meantime:

Watch Movies with Friends

You’ve probably already glanced through the endless list of TV shows, movies and stand-up comedies unsure of what to watch. Instead, you can decide on a movie or show to watch with your friends using Netflix Party. The Google extension allows users to watch a show or movie and chat at the same time. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Download the extension
  • Open up Netflix and start playing a video
  • Click on the Netflix Party extension next to your address bar
  • “Create a Netflix Party” then click “Start the party.”
  • Copy the URL opened on another window and share it with your friends

Now you can binge Netflix with your friends while still practicing social distancing.

Learn a New Recipe

Grocery store shelves may be empty, but you probably have enough ingredients at home to concoct a simple meal or snack. There are dozens of 3-ingredient recipes you can follow to make brownies, mac & cheese and even salmon, so it doesn’t take a lot. Cooking passes time quickly, especially if you play music or work with other family members.

Paint or Draw

Practice your artistic skills while at home. Find inspiration in notable artworks such as Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night or Pablo Picasso’s Guernica, or even in your own surroundings like the building across the street. Art can be very therapeutic and a creative way to cope with staying indoors. It will keep you busy for hours.

Listen to Music

Relisten to favorite albums and artists or watch music videos. You can also consult your friends for music suggestions or discover new music and artists for yourself.

Play Video Games

Video games are infamous for killing time, so pull out your game console and get busy. The anticipated Animal Crossing: New Horizons was recently released on Nintendo Switch in which you can create a home and interact with animal villagers. The game also has a multiplayer mode so you can play it with your friends.


Pick up a book. It doesn’t have to be a challenging one, just one you find enjoyable. You can stick with the classics such as Wuthering Heights or The Giver, or return to a childhood favorite like Harry Potter. You can even read more practical books about productivity or lifestyle. You even take a less conventional route and listen to audio books.

Learn a New Skill

No, this is not an ad for Skillshare but there are thousands of free online classes you can access for free to learn about topics ranging from animation to productivity. If Skillshare does not appeal to you, try practicing a new hobby like learning the cords to a guitar, riding a skateboard or sharpening up on your singing.


You’ve probably spent the last week eating and eating, and then eating once more. So to stay healthy and lower the risk of some diseases, try participating in some form of physical activity. This includes dancing, cardio, biking or even walking. There are hundreds of workout videos online that you can follow along to for any exercise of your choice.


Although writing in a diary may seem like something you did when you were much younger, journaling has a more mature connotation. Journaling is actually a great way to keep track of your daily habits and lifestyle, and has many different functions. You can make daily accounts about what life is like in quarantine. Who knows, maybe one day it will be used as a primary source.