A New Era of Flip Phones

As Samsung’s newest addition to their catalog, the Galaxy Z Flip is changing the smartphone game by bringing back an old element.



The radical new phone’s screen can fold in half and function as a camera stand.

By Milton Najarro, Staff Writer

Samsung is changing the game with their newly released Galaxy Z Flip.

Released in February, the Z Flip is a revolutionary foldable smartphone. 

Compared to the Galaxy Fold the first folding phone by Samsung the Z Flip is a game-changer because of all of the upgrades it has compared to the first version. The Fold was released last year in September.

The Fold that folds vertically while the Z Flip folds downwards, making it smaller and more compact. The two sides are connected by a stiff hinge that can be used to keep the phone upright, also allowing the user to adjust the angle of the fold. When the phone is folded, it creates two separate screens to use. 

One of the most noticeable features is the miniature screen next to the rear-facing camera. It displays the time, weather and notifications from missed calls and messages.  When the camera app is opened, it can also be used as a selfie camera and a “viewfinder” to see the picture being taken.  

The screen is made out of an ultra-thin glass that has a thickness similar to a strand of hair and allowing it to be flexible enough to fold. To combat potential damage, Samsung added a protective plastic coating to give it more durability, but the screen is still extremely fragile. There are no screen protectors that can accommodate the technology. Some users are reporting bubbles and separation of the screen’s layers.

Similar to Samsung’s past releases, the Z Flip can charge wirelessly through a Qi-certified pad. A fingerprint sensor on the side of the phone allows users to have easy access. The phone closes completely in half and allows users to experience the benefits of having a bigger phone while taking up less pocket space.  

One important feature, the camera, doesn’t come close to the new iPhone camera. It can smooth out images and blur lines, sometimes creating an unclear photograph. 

“I think the phone is a testament to how far technology has progressed in phones, rather than a phone made for the average consumer. At $1000+ it seems like Samsung is trying to get to the idea of a foldable phone out there rather than putting out a phone that people will most likely use. With the Z Flip’s cheaper price, there is no doubt that other companies will try to undercut it,” said Gabriel Castillo, a Samsung user.

The Galaxy Z Flip retails for a whopping $1,380. The phone comes in three colors including mirror black, mirror gold and mirror purple.