Movies to watch while stuck in quarantine for Coronavirus

While Hollywood’s portrayal of an outbreak differs from reality, here’s some movies to watch to help pass the Coronavirus Quarantine.

Almost everyone has created scenarios of a serious disease outbreak including Hollywood creating movies that let our imaginations run rampant. Now that it’s somewhat a reality, it’s hard to think of something to do when quarantined for the Coronavirus.

It’s like a summer break in the middle of the second semester, with the added disadvantage that everyone is locked inside. 

Though ‘disease outbreak’ movies are over dramaticized and, as realistic as they seem, they exaggerate the situation to catch the audience’s attention. While Hollywood’s portrayal of an outbreak differs from reality, here’s some movies to watch to help pass the Coronavirus Quarantine.



An airborne virus strikes California as an African monkey with the virus was exported to the United States. A team of doctors was gathered together including Sam, a disease expert and his ex-wife Robby in order to stop the virus from spreading.

The Flu

Amazon Prime

A pandemonium is caused by a murderous airborne virus that originated in the center of Hong Kong, China. The virus quickly spreads to South Korea through smuggled immigrants. As doctors work on finding a vaccine, the city of Seoul arranges to shut down due to the outrageous speed of the virus’ growth. 

Train to Busan


Sok-Woo is a busy man going between work and home. As a single father, he is unable to spend a lot of time with his daughter Soo-an. Sok-Woo and Soo-an aboard the KTX (Korean Train Express) to meet her mother in Busan. While they are on the train there is a zombie outbreak in South Korea. The father and daughter try to escape the zombie apocalypse that has permeated onto the train.

28 Days Later

Hulu, Amazon Prime

After an experiment gone wrong containing a virus encouraging a state of rage similar to rabies, Jim wakes up from a coma, 28 days after the initial outbreak to a deserted London. Escaping from zombified humans, Jim encounters Selena and Mark, who help him survive. 

Shaun of the Dead

Hulu, Amazon Prime

With too many uneventful days to count, businessman Shaun finds himself trying to win his ex back- Oh, and trying to survive in a Zombie Apocalypse. Determined to win her back, he plans to save everyone from the Zombie Outbreak. 


Hulu, Amazon Prime

After a business trip to Hong Kong, Beth Emhoff felt jet lagged and under the weather. Her sudden death shocks her husband and doctors don’t know the reason. As time progresses, other people show similar symptoms and the situation quickly spirals into a global pandemic. 

Dawn of the Dead

Amazon Prime

The survivors of a worldwide plague manage to escape the unrealistic occurence of a town overrun by the walking dead. As the story advances, the unaffected locals assemble themselves in a small association and seek refuge in nearby shopping mall as their bastion of security. The progression of enlarging the association leads to an assembly of people fighting the undead hordes.

World War Z


Life seemed great for former UN investigator Gerry Lane- until a virus began to convert everyone into mindless, raging zombies. As a race against time, Lane desperately researches for a cure. With human civilization falling around him, Lane must avoid huge populations of zombies to help save everyone. 

I Am Legend

Amazon Prime

Robert Neville is a survivor of a man-made plague that turns humans into monsters. While looking for survivors, he works on a cure for the plague by using his own blood while mutants are waiting to kill him.