Here’s why teenagers need to take coronavirus seriously

It’s easy to brush off the severity of the coronavirus outbreak when it will likely not directly affect you, however, the risk for others is everyone’s responsibility.

By Julia Pfau, Perspectives Editor

Should teenagers worry or even take precaution in preventing the Coronavirus? 

It’s been discovered that the younger you are, the less you seem to be affected by the virus, excluding those with underlying health issues. This discovery has led many teenagers to see the virus as unthreatening with some even comparing the coronavirus to the common cold. 

The lack of concern and negligence by teens during this crisis could prove to be detrimental to those surrounding them. Continuing to travel, party, and share food with friends poses a huge risk in spreading the virus. Even though young people are at a lower risk of being affected by coronavirus, they can still easily spread it to the elderly and those with larger underlying health issues. For those who are elderly or have asthma, immune system disorders, or lung problems, this illness is extremely dangerous. Spreading the virus to these people can kill or put them in great danger.

The virus can be spread from those who don’t show any symptoms. Unknowingly, you could be spreading the virus to those at a much higher risk than yourself. People can have a health condition you dont know about, even if they look healthy or young. Being responsible and taking all precautions for everyone surrounding you will help greatly in containing the coronavirus.

It’s never fun to put your social life on pause, especially when you’re a teenager. However, in a situation like this where your actions could endanger others, it’s important to do what you can to help. This means limiting your time with large groups of people, washing your hands regularly, and staying home when you’re sick.

Beyond the risks posed to those in bad health, new evidence proves that the coronavirus can permanently damage the lungs of people of all ages. This can cause lung problems later in life, even if you’ve recovered from the Coronavirus. 

With all risks considered, teenagers need to take action to prevent the spread of the coronavirus from getting larger. Everyone is at risk.