NBA and other leagues shut down as players test positive for coronavirus

Utah Jazz teammates Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell are the first two cases in professional basketball


USA Today

Rudy Gobert joked about the coronavirus and even touched the mics and tables as a statement. He is now the first NBA player to be affected by it.

By Arsh Dole, Staff Writer

The coronavirus has found its way into the NBA, which suspended all upcoming games.

Commissioner Adam Silver has taken precautions to protect the league from the virus known as coronavirus, or covid-19. On March 6 it was reported that teams should prepare themselves to play in arenas with no fans in attendance. This precaution has been questioned by many fans and even players. 

Reports are coming in that players will not play due to “flu like symptoms.” Stephen Curry who has just returned from a four-month absence has missed two games since his debut for having these questionable “flu like symptoms.” The Atlanta Hawks star point guard, Trae Young, was out last week for having the same symptoms. 

Commissioner Silver is not the only one taking precautions. Word broke out that the virus found its way into Oregon, CJ McCollum a seven year veteran announced on Feb. 29, that he would no longer be signing autographs for fans. 

Utah Jazz’s center Rudy Gobert is the first player to officially be affected by it and his teammate Donovan Mitchell has also tested positive for it. Commissioner Adam Silver has decided to postpone the season. A few days ago Gobert joked about the virus and touched all the microphones and chairs in a press conference.

The National Hockey League, Major League Soccer, men’s NCAA and women’s NCAA games have also been postponed.