The Furious Race to Watch

Brother vs. Brother in the ultimate race in the ninth installment of the Fast and Furious saga.

By Anahit Sharamatyan, Staff Writer

From night time street racers to criminals, to millionaires, The Fast and Furious saga has come a long way. The Fast and Furious trailer for the ninth installment was released on Feb. 1 and it has fans excited for what the series has in store for them. 

What started with street racing, led to Dom (Vin Diesel) to lose friends along the way and be on bad terms with the police. After hiding in the dark, he comes together with Brian (Paul Walker) and takes down a drug lord. 

This reconnection leads them to do more jobs with a bigger team including Roman (Tyrese Gibson), Tej (Ludacris Bridges) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez). 

Later in the eighth installment, Dom goes rogue so that he could save his son. To do this he had to join Cipher (Charlize Theron) and her crusade to take down his own team. He ends up saving his son and the movie ends with the team together in New York.

In the trailer, Dom is a father, Jakob (John Cena) is the enemy and Han is back from the dead. 

Dom and his wife Letty live in a far location, rather in their LA home, in order to keep their son safe. But that is not the case, Letty gives Brian (their son) the cross necklace that Dom had given her in the first movie, to ensure Brian’s safety.

Dom gathers the team – Letty, Roman, Tej, Ramsey, and Mia – to take down the bad guy, Jakob. Jakob is Dom’s and Mia’s brother who always tried to be better than his older brother, Dom.

Jakob has teamed up with Cipher, the bad figure in the eighth movie. Together they try to take down Dom and his team once again. 

At the end of the trailer Han appears saying “Nice Clubhouse,” he was thought to be dead at the end of the third movie, Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. Following this scene, the trailer said that “Justice is coming,” meaning that Hans’s death may have not been caused by the reasons that the fans had known.

“I’m happy to see the story of Fast and Furious always being beyond wild,” said Gursewak Singh, a fan of the movie installment. 

“The F9 trailer delivers as much beyond wild, such as to have both a Pontiac Fiero that has actual rocket engines strapped to the roof and a magnet plane,” she said.

The movie was directed by Justin Lin, known for his work “The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift” and “Fast Five.”

The release date of Fast and Furious 9 is May 22.