An NBA Tragedy

A recent video has surfaced of Delonte West being beaten up and in handcuffs.

By Arsh Dole, Staff Writer

New York Post

Former NBA player Delonte West was found on the streets, with a bad look.  

West played in the league for 8 years, the teams he played for included the Boston Celtics, Seattle Supersonics, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Dallas Mavericks. Throughout his NBA career it has been said that West accumulated over 1 million dollars. 

A video of the former NBA player has gone viral, showcasing West being beaten and in handcuffs. In the video West looks like a stranger when compared to his prior self. In 2008, West was diagnosed with a mental illness, but from the looks of it, it seems he has not gotten the proper treatment.

In the video that blew up quickly, West looks like he has been under and near substances and also seems to be homeless. While no new information has been released about West, we hope he gets the proper treatment and care that he needs. NBA superstar Lebron James is willing to do whatever it takes to get West back up on his feet and football player Dez Bryant wants to help him as well. It is devastating to see a former NBA basketball player lose himself.