REVIEW: The Total Meltdown of the Frozen Series

Cold never bothers to watch Frozen 2.



Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Sven are back to save Arendelle in Frozen 2.

By Kazi Maisha Rahman, Staff Writer

The most anticipated children’s movie of the year is perhaps the sequel to Frozen released on Nov. 22. It embarks the journey of Elsa (Idina Menzel) and Anna (Kristin Bell) along with their friends Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and Olaf (Josh Gad) in search for the roots of Elsa’s powers. 

Ever since Frozen’s release in 2013, many fans have wondered about the world of Airendelle and the people who live in it. With the new release of Frozen 2 and new characters being put in the spotlight, the world of Airendelle is more vividly portrayed. Unlike the original where the concept of the story plot was simple, Frozen 2 has more elements of emotions conveyed through humor, excitement, romance, sadness and recklessness.

Despite how highly-anticipated the sequel to Frozen was, rising issues of the film being too overstuffed and being white-washed has many fans outraged. Throughout the film the story plot uses many flashbacks and backstories to explain the events leading up to the character’s decision-making. The film has no consistent flow and much of its plot feels forced.

The source of Elsa’s power, which has been a mystery for so long, is suddenly told through a whole story about a magical river, one of which her grandfather and his men worked on to build a dam for the tribal Northuldra people. This leads to bloodshed and tears, causing the forest to be put under a dark spell. At any costs, Elsa and Anna head North to unravel the truth, leaving their subjects. Elsa makes her way, alone, to a frozen island where there is a frozen river called Ahtohallan. Here, she discovers that she is the fifth primal spirit alongside water, fire, earth and wind. The truth of her grandfather unravels more and she discovers the dam was built for the sake of her grandfather’s desire for power over the Northuldra people. It also happens to be that her grandfather had killed the chief which in turn caused a bloody massacre and the curse upon the forest. The only way to break the curse is through breaking the dam which is accomplished through Elsa sending a memory to Anna to break the dam. Upon receiving the memory, Anna gathers giants to throw rocks at the dam to break it.

I admit that the story is overall good and portrays many emotions that the audience can connect to, however at certain points the story makes no sense whatsoever. Elsa and Anna’s mother was supposedly a part of the Northuldra tribe but as seen by appearance she looks nothing like the rest of the members in her tribe. This is a prime example of how the movie whitewashes most characters, leading to controversy from the audience. Overall the film seems too forced and at a certain point you are left feeling awkward.

RATING: ★★☆☆☆