REVIEW: Harry Styles, “Adore You”

Do we all adore Harry Styles new single from his upcoming album?



Harry Styles in the music video of his new single “Adore You” from his upcoming sophomore album, “Fine Line.”

By Anahit Sharamatyan, Staff Writer

“Adore You” by Harry Styles was released Dec. 6, 2019. Before releasing the actual music video he released a teaser that excited fans.  

Set in the fictional land called Eroda, the teaser showed Harry Styles as the only one that was happy in a depressed town. He was isolated by the world for being happy and decided to end his life by drowning. A fish appears and saves Styles by giving him a reason to live.

The fish and Harry became connected to each other causing him to take the fish and keep it as a pet. As fish got bigger it became harder for Harry to keep it, causing him to finally take the fish and drop it back off at the ocean. 

When the long awaited teaser dropped, I was excited to watch it. In the beginning, I was confused about what was happening but after watching it for the second time I understood the meaning of everything. The teaser caused a majority of his fans to dig deeper and find deeper meanings for the symbols. Fans figured out that Eroda backward was Adore. 

The lyrics of the song lead fans to believe that he was trying to send a message that being friends with someone different is okay. “You don’t have to say you love me / You don’t have to say anything / You don’t have to say you’re mine,” which led fans to think that he is expressing his friendly feelings for the fish who is different from him.

“Rainbow Paradise” was mentioned throughout the song which led people to think that he was referring to the LGBTQ+ community, even though he hasn’t really opened up about his sexuality. 

I love the new music that Harry is coming out with such as with Adore You. He is experimenting with different types of music and I am really enjoying what he is putting out lately. 

In my opinion, Adore You is amazing and one of my favorites that he has put out lately. At first, I didn’t really understand the meaning of the video and some of the lyrics. But after watching it a couple of times and talking with other fans I got an understanding of what he was trying to portray.