Actors in Action Hold Auditions for Spring Musical “Pippin”

Auditions for the upcoming Musical Pippin took place on Saturday, Dec. 7, 2019.

Brandon Large is cast as the leading player with Enrique Berganza playing the titular character, Pippin.

Kevin Alvarez plays Charles. Edward Malcom is Lewis. Natalie Chavez is playing Fastrada, Perla Barajas as Berthe. Catherine is played by Zoe Stone and Dante Damiano as Theo. 

Additional cast are Alexa Abrego, Morgan Agee, Ava Azarmi, Ava Bouhadana, Magnolia Fiore, Breeana Gerdes, Nathan Harkless, Josie Hull, Zyde Javier, Jane Luitweiler, Kaitlyn Marrelli, Tsing Miller, Edgar Muñoz, Madlen Narzaryan, L Perez, Devorah Porter, Angela Proca, Adam Ruckman, Jake Ruckman, Emma Salehi, Isabella Thomas, Dakota Threats, Anais Unanyan, Siena Viviano and Isabella Vodos.