The Mirror Continues Award-Winning Streak

The Mirror took home four individual awards at the Journalism Day write-off competition on Saturday, Oct. 19.



Ten journalism students competed at California State University, Northridge on Saturday, Oct. 19 in various Journalism Day write-offs.

By Ani Tutunjyan, Executive Editor & Print Editor-in-Chief

Ten journalism students competed in the annual California State University, Northridge/Los Angeles Times Journalism Day write-off competition along with students from across Southern California on Saturday, Oct. 19 at CSUN. 

The Mirror took home four individual awards. 

Photo Editor Ivan Delgado placed third in photojournalism while Business Manager Aaron Mejia placed third in Social Media competition.

Two more students won first place in two categories: Online Editor-in-chief Mhar Tenorio for News writing and Sports Editor Andre Rodas for Sports writing.

“Winning first place was a big honor because there was a lot of great writers. It was a really interesting experience.” says Rodas.