For The People or For The Wall?

President Trump guilty of taking money from recovery funds to extend the border


By Adriana Contreras, Staff Writer

Since Donald Trump’s election in 2016, the backbone of his campaign and presidency has been the promise of extending the south border wall between the United States and Mexico. 

“Mexico is going to pay for this wall,” Trump tweeted on September 1, 2016. 

Despite his claim in 2016, Trump has been taking money out of government funds to pay for his wall. 

He has recently taken $3.6 billion to fund his dream plan, which inevitably will slow down many government projects.

Vox states, “The reality is that Congress must again approve them before they can move forward.” Slowing down the government project means that the projects have to repeat the process of being approved again. Instead of taking money from various organizations, the hurricane recovery and childcare centers, he should be focusing on fixing the problem of poverty.” 

Money that was going to be used for the recovery of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico was taken to ensure the building of the wall. This simply shows how delusional Donald Trump can be. In these devastating times, where a person’s belongings and household are destroyed and not able to be fully reimbursed, Donald Trump proves to be a selfish person. 

Donald Trump took about 3.6 billion dollars to fund his wall. According to Vox “The Trump administration announced last February it would find $3.6 billion from previously approved military construction projects to fund the wall effort”.

Rather than using government money wisely and focusing on bigger problems like gun control and climate change, he spends money to keep out people who want to enter the country.

Most immigrants come to the United States to give their families better opportunities, but Donald Trump portrays immigrants as “criminals” on many social media platforms. 

During Donald Trump’s presidential bid he said, “They are not our friends, believe me. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” 

Taking money from organizations to build the wall and keeping immigrants from providing a better life for their family shows how selfish he is. It shows that he does not care for others that are being affected as a result of taking money from organizations such as the hurricane recovery funds and the military funds as well.