Senior Assembly

The Senior Assembly Left Seniors Angry and Disappointed

By Saahil Gaur, Staff Writer

On September 19, the senior assembly was held and the graduating class of 2020 was called into the auditorium to talk about upcoming events for this school year. It may have started out fine but things took a quick turn. From Mr. Strassner being booed offstage to the president of our senior class being booed for delivering news that upset many of the seniors, the assembly ended with an angry class of 2020. 

One announcement that upset the senior class included the location of grad-night. Grad-night is planned to be held at Universal Studios instead of Disneyland, as it was earlier introduced. When the president said those words she was immediately booed. However, she did say decisions weren’t finalized leaving us seniors with high hopes that the location will be moved. We were outraged that there was no class voting regarding the location and felt that we had no say in this matter.

The only class voting that took place was for the senior apparel. Which to some of my peers who wish to be unnamed, stated that it is not a good look. Despite the popular dislike, the apparel has already been made and there are no changes possible. 

A flower should not be on our senior apparel as it isn’t the class symbol nor does it represent the school. We are wolves and the use of a flower to represent our class does not make sense. There should not be a flower at all, it should be a wolf. The font should be bigger or better yet: there should be no back design at all, just seniors 2020. We believe it should be different and it can be better. On the other hand, some seniors like the apparel and others simply don’t care because it’s their last year and worrying about the look of our senior apparel isn’t worth their time. 

The highlight of the assembly was Mr. Strassner being booed offstage. Immediately after telling us that we could not decorate our caps and gowns, the crowd booed. He said that going against the rules could lead to not graduating. It’s unfair because senior year is our last year and we should have fun. If seniors at other schools are allowed to do it, why can’t we? We should be able to decorate our cap and gowns because we spent our money to keep them, not borrow.

Another event that we were excited for was senior kickoff. But being informed that the senior kickoff was postponed to next month, we were let down. Our last sliver of hope was thrown out the window when the senior class president said that the event would not be held the entire day as it has been in previous years. It would only last until lunch and that is when the senior class booed again. We feel that it should be all day, not only to make up for it being postponed but also because we have worked extremely hard for four years to get to this point and only have it only until lunch is unfair and it should be a day of fun. And now after much criticism from the seniors, the ASB has decided to extend the time from the morning until the end of the day.

The only redemption that slightly lightened the mood of our angry seniors was prom and senior sunrise-breakfast.

The Senior Sunrise and the Senior Breakfast, held in April, will take place on the same day. During this event the seniors will get to school early and have a chance to watch the sunrise with their friends. After the sun rises the seniors are treated to breakfast. This lightened the mood of the senior class as it is a chance to spend time with their friends and get free food. We see it as a win win situation.

The other thing that excited us and the main event us seniors are looking forward to was Prom. The seniors burst into applause when the senior class president mentioned that the location of prom was at The Four Seasons Hotel. We were glad that despite the underwhelming assembly, at least the prom location was satisfactory. Through all of the bad news received at this assembly, us seniors are still hopeful since the class president said nothing was final. Our fingers are crossed and we’re praying that nothing else is ruined. We hope that prom will remain the same but we know everything else will change.