The Preliminary SAT is Fast Approaching

The PSAT will be administered on Wednesday, October 16.


By Rozalynn Casillas, Staff Writer

The Preliminary SAT (PSAT) will be nationally administered on Wednesday, October 16. 

The PSAT is a practice Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) regulated by the College Board that allows students to prepare for the SAT test and determines qualifying National Merit Scholarship winners. 

Consequently, the school will be on block schedule Wednesday, October 16 and Thursday, October 17, for students who miss the first PSAT day.

All students are automatically enrolled and receive the test for free.

All sophomores, and freshmen and juniors who registered to take the test, will report to their designated testing locations for the first block.

Students will complete the reading and writing/language section of the test during the first block, and the math section during the second.

All students are required to attend their sixth period during the final block.

Students opting out of the PSAT will attend periods one, four and six on Wednesday, and periods two, three and five on Thursday.