Spain Takes the FIBA World Cup Title

Spain takes down Argentina to secure the win.


Courtesy of the NBA.

Spain teammates Ricky Rubio and Marc Gasol getting ready to run a play.

By Shanya Neal, Staff Writer

Argentina went up against Spain in the FIBA World Cup Finals, an international basketball tournament against 32 national teams, on September 15, 2019. 

After the first quarter Argentina had fourteen points and Spain had twenty-three. 

At that point Argentina had a chance to catch up to Spain, but when second quarter came around Spain was still on top of there game at the end of the quarter Argentina had thirty one points and Spain had forty three points.

With two quarters left, Argentina still had a chance to catch up. At the end of third quarter Argentina had forty seven points and Spain had sixty six. By the fourth quarter Argentina had a total of seventy five points and Spain had ninety five points. Spain took home the “Fiba World Cup.” 

Gabriel Delia from the Argentina team scored twenty four points with twenty seven minutes of game time, and Nico Laprovittora (who is also on the Argentina team) had seventeen points with a total of twenty four minutes of game time. 

Ricky Rubio from Spain’s team scored twenty points and Sergio Llull had fifteen to help ice out the game. 

In total Argentina had twenty two rebounds, fifthteen assists, eleven steals, and twenty eight personal fouls. Spain had fifty two rebounds, twenty assists, eight blocks, nine steals, and twenty five personal fouls.