Football Lives On

The AAF football league has kicked off and promises exciting play



Founders and members of the Alliance of American Football pose for the press.

By Josh Updegraph and Joseph Hernandez

NFL football has brought fans around the world together. From touchdowns to defensive stands to celebrations, football provides people with such an enjoyable experience. However, all this fun came to an end on Feb. 4th when the Patriots outlasted the Rams 13-3.

The Patriots win however, marked the end of the NFL season. Usually, football fans would have to wait months until the start of a new season, but now, the Alliance of American Football, AAF, has blessed fans across the globe with football right away.

The AAF brings eight teams from across the United States and places them into two conferences. These teams will play a regular season schedule consisting of ten regular season games with the top four making the playoffs.

The teams are led by former NFL players such as running backs Trent Richardson and Denard Robinson. The AAF allows for former players to revitalize their careers and also allows for those who cannot make the league an attempt to prove their worth.

This league allows possibly an even more exciting experience than the actual NFL. The AAF seems to ease up on the tackling rules as compared to the NFL. Through Week Two, we have already seen multiple back breaking hits.

NFL season may be over but fans will be satisfied with the excitement that the AAF brings to the table.