An Up to Par Season

Sun, Grass, and Competition. The approaching Spring season brings the return of Golf to scene. Senior Reggie Gervacio is ready for the changes and challenges to come.


Marin Susic

A putter and golf ball laying on the green.

The boys golf team is taking a different turn this spring season.

Due to the departure of long time coach, Nancy Poll, the team now has an interim head coach. Nonetheless, the season must go on.

Regardless of the change in the head coaching slot, the team will strive to remain as successful as the teams in recent memory have shown.

Second-year standout Reggie Gervacio has committed his offseason to polishing his game even further in hopes of improving from his junior year campaign and continuing the team’s string of successes.

Last year, the senior had a solid first campaign, which came as a surprise as the he had never even tried playing golf at a competitive level.

His interest in golf actually grew from a casual conversation after school.

“Growing up, I always wanted to be a PGA golfer,” said Gervacio. “No, I’m kidding.”

“My friend Saul Duarte told me that I would seem like a good golfer. At first I didn’t know if that was an insult or he actually thought I had what takes to play the sport. But I took that statement and I said ‘bet.’”  

Gifted golf clubs from a relative, Gervacio has been dedicating his spare time to training and perfecting his fundamentals.

The first-year player had an exceptional beginning season as a junior, consisting of accolades familiar only to multi-year players, ending 2018 with a top 10 league finish, an All-League Second Team selection and a game in which he scored 10 above par.

Now as a senior, Gervacio still sees room for improvement, particularly in his ball placement. His primary issue typically involves the wind’s unpredictable tides.

“My biggest weakness is getting the right angle and force to place the ball in a good range of the hole,” Gervacio said. “In golf, it is very important to insure a better possible score .”

Gervacio hopes that his offseason work will contribute to his improvement on the course in his second year.

He realizes that his success in the previous season is nothing to dwell on.

“I came into my first season really nervous because this was the first sport I had joined. As the season progressed, I started enjoying the sport golf and overcoming my anxiety,” he explained. “I got to make some new friends while finding a new hobby in golfing.”

Coming into the new season, Gervacio expects nothing short of success once again.

“I expect myself to be an overall solid player and finish in a higher place in league rankings,” he said.

After he graduates, golf will definitely stay as one of his pastimes.

“I will certainly take up golf as a hobby after high school. Whether it’s going to the driving range or even in mini-golf. Golf is actually more fun than you’d expect.”