Angela Saha

A group of Teachers and fellow supporters protest in front of the school’s main entrance.

By Mhar Tenorio, Online Editor-in-Chief

As the teachers’ strike approached, students had a different routine in school.

When the day starts, attendance was taken. The Hero program—the same one used for the checking of tardiness—was used. IDs were scanned to check in. If a student forgot his/her ID they wrote their name. For a faster process, Ms. Gardea advises students to bring their IDs.

Attendance will only be taken in the morning.

Students absent during the strike will be marked as such. However, in a recent letter addressed to parents, Vivian Ekchian, the associate superintendent of LAUSD, stated how “Los Angeles Unified is not going to put our students in the middle of disputes between adults.”  

So the absences will not impact graduation. However, the strike is heavily affecting the district since nearly one third of its students are not showing up to school.

In fact, Superintendent Austin Beutner confirmed today that nearly $25 million was lost in attendance but $10 million was saved in not paying for teacher’s wages.

In Van Nuys, classes were divided into three two-hour blocks with eight administrators supervising.

“It’s not going to be as anywhere as having your teachers but it’s better than sitting at home watching Netflix all day.” Ms. Gardea admitted. “Kids can still keep learning and sharpening their skills.”

The eight administrators will continue to supervise the students but volunteers can help as well. To ease the requirements of being a volunteer, LAUSD has changed its rules on background checks for parent volunteers. Only the sex offenders database will be checked instead of a full federal background one.

As a former teacher who was part of the 1989 Teachers Strike, Ms. Gardea expresses her support for the teachers decision to strike.

“I told them in faculty meetings that I respect their right to strike,” Ms Gardea said. “When they come back, they will be welcomed and we will get back to work.”