UTLA Strikes Return


Joe Brusky

LAUSD teachers march in protest for increasing benefits.

By Stefanie Tyo and Zoe Rodriguez

LAUSD and the UTLA are having a final meeting Wednesday Jan 9, to settle their dispute before Thursdays planned teacher strike. The pair have been clashing for months now over issues such as class size, salary raises and increasing the number of counselors and staff.

There have been prior attempts to undermine the teacher strike such as the court case filed by LAUSD over the right for special ed teachers to participate in the strike. However, this case and others like it have been overturned or denied.

If the strike does occur however, it is also unclear when it will begin. Due to a discrepancy in the UTLA’s filing for a formal strike notice the strike may be postponed until Monday, Jan 14. This issue is yet to be resolved. 

It is still unclear what will happen to students coming to school during the potential strike. As of now due to limited supervision it is unlikely individual classes will meet. Students may expect to be held in larger assembly halls such as the two gyms and main auditorium.