Jolly Activities


CREDIT: Julia Pfau

An assortment of handmade Christmas decorations.

By Julia Pfau, Perspectives Editor

Winter season is fast approaching and Christmas is right around the corner. Three weeks of no school is a lot of time, so why not spend the break embracing the Christmas spirit? Here’s a list of activities to make your holidays full of cheer.

Have a Cozy Night in

Many people despise the cold weather. So why not gather friends and family for a movie night in the house? Curl up with cookies and hot chocolate, grab some fluffy blankets and watch some movies on our compiled list for the holiday season. Make a fort with blankets and chairs for a finishing touch to your cozy night.

Pick out a tree

There is no Christmas without the tree. Picking one out with family brings out plenty of fun and nostalgia—whether it’s real or fake. While a real tree is traditional and provides a lovely scent for the house, an artificial tree is cheaper and comes with fewer safety hazards. Santa & Sons Christmas Trees is a local business that sells fresh trees, but Target is always a great option for a fake one!

Santa & Sons: 12901 Burbank Blvd, Valley Glen, CA 91401

Decorate your house

A Christmas tree is not enough for the holidays. Make red and green paper chains or invest in some tinsel for home. Install Christmas lights around the house and light up candles that smell like pine, peppermint or hot cocoa. Michael’s and Joann stores are a few iconic places to pick up some festive decor. The Dollar Tree carries an inexpensive selection of decorations. By Christmas day, home will feel like a jolly wonderland.


Take this opportunity to improve holiday cooking skills with friends and family. Spend some time baking and decorating sugar cookies or make the iconic gingerbread house. Other Christmas classics include cherry chip loaves, baked apples and peppermint bark. If you prefer to go somewhere rather than staying in your own kitchen, take a friend or relative to Duff’s Cakemix to decorate your own cake together.

Duff’s Cakemix: 8302 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90069

Go Shopping

With all of those Christmas sales, who wouldn’t go shopping for the holidays? Shop at the local mall or order gifts online to surprise your friends and families—and don’t wait until the last minute. Think about something they would enjoy while also observing all the lovely Christmas decorations put up in the stores. The Grove is the perfect place to shop, socialize and view all of its beautiful Christmas decor. Be sure to buy a few gifts for yourself!

Holiday Light Tour

Have nothing to do but don’t want to stay at home? Take your friends or family and hit the road to the L.A. Zoo to view some extravagant, festive Christmas lights. Although the animals may be fast asleep, there are glowing animal-like structures made up of neon lights accompanied with giant dazzling snowflakes that will greet viewers when night falls.