Can Eastern Medicine Help High School Students’ High Stress Levels?

Diana Chernyak will be researching the effects of Eastern Medicine on student stress for her AP Research class.


Jeremy Hess

Dickinson School of Law’s yoga class.

By Ani Tutunjyan, Executive Editor & Print Editor-in-Chief

Diana Chernyak, senior, has recently started up a Go Fund Me to raise money for her project in AP Research.

Chernyak is currently working on her year long AP Research project drawn from the medical field as she is part of the Medical Magnet.

AP Research is part of a two year program known as AP Capstone.

In order to get an AP Capstone Diploma, a student must first complete AP Seminar either in 10th or 11th grade and then AP Research. Along with that, a student must complete 4 other AP classes with a score of 3 or higher on the exams.

If a student is not able to receive a 3 or higher on the other 4 AP exams then they will receive an AP Seminar and AP Research Certificate.

Through these courses, students are able to question and explore, understand and analyze arguments, evaluate multiple perspectives, synthesize ideas and transform and transmit.

The topic she is choosing to research is what effects will yoga and meditation will have on student stress.

Chernyak chose this topic for her research because she has always been interested in Eastern Medicine.

“It’s what’s helped me get over my own stress. Two years ago I got really into it. I love the concept of balance; I love the concept of being very self aware and knowing where you are in reality and not getting sucked in your own head. Western medicine is very attack the problem, attack the symptoms. Eastern medicine is find your balance and attack the core of the problem, which I really like,” says Chernyak.

The experiment will consist of a control group and a treatment group with 30 seniors each.

The program will be lead by yoga instructor Niki Saccareccia during a six week period.

Before starting the program, select seniors will take Perceived Stress Scale Tests in order to compare it to the end of the experiment.

The subjects will be attending a yoga class twice a week for an hour an each day in addition to following other meditation instructions given by Saccareccia.

In order for the yoga classes to take place, Chernyak needs to raise a total of $420.

To raise these funds, she created a Go Fund Me. Chernyak needs this money as soon as possible to start her research beginning of second semester.If interested in helping Chernyak with her experiment, donate to her GoFundMe linked below.