A Super Fly Spy

“Spies in Disguise” explores an animated James Bond-type secret agent with a twist.

By Trisha Khaownimon

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. Oh, it’s actually a bird.

After previously starring in superhero movies that dominated the box office, actors Will Smith and Tom Holland are changing gears as they star in “Spies in Disguise,” an upcoming adventure and comedy animation that is heading to theaters on Sept. 13, 2019.

The first official trailer features Lance Sterling, the world’s greatest secret agent as he completes his missions using technology created by his gadget inventor, Walter Beckett. However, events take an unexpected turn when Beckett transforms Sterling into the “perfect spy” by disguising him as a pigeon.

Taking on missions as a pigeon, Lance must rely on Walter to save the world.

Directed by Nick Bruno, who is known for his works on “The Peanuts Movie,” and Troy Quane, who is known for his works on “Ice Age: Collision Course,” the animation is voiced by Smith as Lance Sterling, Holland as Walter Beckett, Rashida Jones as Marcy Kappel, Karen Gillan as Eyes and DJ Khaled as Ears.