King of the Pool



Nathan Oh, the Boy’s Water Polo team captain, spends hours training to prepare for a game.

By Joshua Updegraph and Devin Tse

No sport tests the physicality and endurance of an athlete like water polo does.

From the pushing, hitting and subtle near-drowning in the matches, athletes undergo severe training that would be grueling on any athlete’s body.

Nathan Oh is up for the punishment that the sport inflicts, dominating in the water as he plays the point position.

Oh’s journey began as he was searching for a sport at VNHS. His affinity for swimming ultimately compelled him to join the Water Polo Team.

Ecstatic from the start, his competitiveness has been the driving force for his development in the pool.

“Competing for my teammates is my biggest motivation,” Oh said.

Playing the point position enables Oh to direct the offense. His sole purpose is to distribute the ball, which is essential to the team’s success. His court vision and passing abilities are on full display as he is able to pass the ball through narrow seams.

Besides his passing and offensive abilities, Oh is also a tremendous defender for his 5’6.5 foot stature. While he guards the opposing team’s top scorer, Oh uses his speedy reflexes and quick hands to deflect shots and passes.

“Defending is all about heart, not your size,” said Oh.

After a successful freshman and sophomore campaign, Oh now reigns as team captain. Despite his share of standout games, his greatest performance thus far was in a matchup against the Verdugo Hills Dons last season.

The Wolves were victorious against the Dons in a three-overtime thriller as Oh led the team with five assists in their 8-7 victory.

Now in his third season with the team, he is the leader with twenty assists. However, he still credits his teammates and alumni and appreciates their support.

“My teammates, present or past, have been essential to my development as a person and player,” Oh said. “Without them, I would not have been able to perform at a high level.”

Even with his eye-popping numbers, Oh feels strongly about his team, realizing the significance of teamwork. The various positions are integrated as he and his team rely on each other. With adversary at hand, Oh and the team can prove their resiliency and dedication to the team. 

“Our teamwork and hard work defines our team,” he said. “Training harder and pushing each other makes all the obstacles fade away.”

With a 3-4 league record, Oh has high expectations for his team as they enter the second half of the season. As playoffs draw closer, the Wolves look to strengthen their chemistry and sharpen each other’s skills for their postseason run.

“We are hungry and determined to make a huge splash this season,” said Oh.