Trick or Be Killed

“Halloween” takes the audience on a thrilling and suspenseful experience


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A still image from the new movie “Halloween”

By Chau Tran

He’s back to finish what he started.

While people were out planning their Halloween costumes, others went out to theaters to check out “Halloween,” which premiered on Oct. 19.

Premiering 40 years after the 1978 classic film of the same name, “Halloween” marks the eleventh installment in its franchise.

Directed by David Gordon Green, who is known for his works on “Pineapple Express” and “Stronger,” the slasher film stars Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, Judy Greer as Karen, Andi Matichak as Allyson, Will Patton as Frank Hawkins and Nick Castle as Michael Myers.

The story follows Laurie Strode, who survived the killing rampage of masked killer Michael Myers on Halloween night in 1978. Suffering from PTSD, Laurie struggles to let go of the past, resulting with her failed marriages and a broken relationship with her daughter.

After being imprisoned for 40 years in a mental institution, Myers escapes captivity after a prison bus transporting him and other inmates crashes.

Returns to Haddonfield, Illinois on Halloween, he desires to confront with Laurie once again. But this time, she is prepared to put an end to the famed slasher.

“Halloween” provides goosebumps and sends chills running down the spine as it presents overwhelming elements of suspense, thrill and intensity.

The film is jam-packed with nerve-racking violent. The ominous fast-paced background music makes the heart race as the film delivers chilling and suspenseful scenes, including several jumpscares moments that occur throughout the film.

The cinematography and visual effects present an eerie and creepy atmosphere. It captures chilling close-up shots of deceased victims at various angles. Many of the murder scenes are viewed through the eyes of Michael Myers as he approaches his victims and finishes them off.

The movie displays graphic murder scenes. Several gruesome and bloody scenes are displayed throughout the film, which may be disturbing for some audiences. The scenes range from victims getting pierced with a butcher knife to others getting impaled.

The film exemplifies a representation of a victim with PTSD. Laurie struggles with her traumatic past and lives with persistent fear of the possibility that the masked slasher will return for her.

“Halloween” has earned a Certified Fresh Score of 80% on Rotten Tomatoes and 7.6 on IMDb, the Internet Movie Database, and manages to top the first weekend box office charts with $77.5 million.