Heart Of A Champion



Jetiya Chuayjarernsook is having a breakout sophomore year.

By Joshua Updegraph and Daniel Reyes

As the audience is blindsided by the opponent’s offensive unit, the Wolves’ defense quietly performs their task.

After the players line up and the football snaps, sophomore linebacker Jetiya Chuayjarernsook barrels his way through the offensive line and sacks the quarterback.

Joining the football program in 2017, his freshman year, Chuayjarernsook has worked relentlessly to improve his physique and skill sets. Now entering his sophomore year, he is a key force in the Wolves’ defense and has contributed to the team with his work ethic. After practicing footwork and hitting drills, he executed one forced fumble, two sacks and a total of ten tackles—all during his first four games of the season.

Until he was sidelined by a broken ankle in the matchup against the Sylmar Spartans during a defensive play in the first quarter.

Unfortunately, he will be receiving surgery and will be out for the remainder of the season.

“His hard work in practice is the reason why he is succeeding,” said Andy Choto, the senior linebacker. “He is a key part of our defensive schemes.”

But Chuayjarernsook’s personal accolades are not his top priority. He enjoys playing football because of the teamwork and friendship he experiences with his teammates. The level of skill and trust from offense, defense and special teams makes the sport more intriguing for Chuayjarernsook.

Besides football, he has his eyes on succeeding in other sports. He wants to join the Boys Volleyball Team and Track Team, making him a triple-threat athlete. But being a student and excelling in his classes is still his top priority.

“Being a student-athlete is tough but academics always come firs  t before any sport,” said Chuayjarernsook.

With football season underway, the Wolves have a disappointing overall record of 1-5.

Despite the team’s woes he is eager to contribute to the sport until he graduates and get the team back on the winning track next season.

The fallen linebacker looks to make a quick recovery and is determined to get back on the field as soon as possible.

“I would like to thank everyone for their wishes. I am determined to return to the field soon,” said Chuayjarernsook.