Dealing with Stress

Everyone faces stress, yet some don’t know how to cope with it. There are plenty of coping mechanisms to help those destress, and relax. Finding what works for you, and being in touch with yourself, and thoughts is a goal everyone should strive for

Dealing with Stress

High anxiety levels in high school students aren’t uncommon.

On a daily, students face a tremendous amount of stress and pressure due to grades and overwhelming workloads.

High schoolers stress levels are reported to be higher than adults.

Stress doesn’t completely disappear on its own, making it essential for us to know how to cope with stress. It’s needed not just for getting through high school, but for getting through the hardships of life as well.

Everyone has their way of coping with things, whether it be healthy or harmful. Also, each person is different, and so will be their coping methods. For those who don’t know how to cope, or for those who just want to learn other ways, here are a few of my recommended coping mechanisms.


Music is one of those things that truly transports you to that serene state of mind, take advantage of that. It is one of the most commonly used helpers for getting through hard times. Try to stray away from tunes that have a gloomy melody, instead try a song that makes you calm or happy.  

Read a Book

Reading is definitely not everyone’s favorite, but there is nothing like finding a great book that completely captivates you. Reading is a great distraction since you focus on the lives of the book’s characters. Just like music, reading is powerful in transporting you to a different world.  


One of my personal favorite ways to destress is mediating, especially outside. It’s just you, your thoughts, nature sounds, and the occasional LA traffic noise. It’s a great way to understand your feelings and organize your thoughts.


Just like meditating, writing your feelings is a great way to comprehend, and sort out your emotions. If you dislike bottling up your feelings, yet don’t like to confide in other, writing is a perfect way to let it all out privately.


It is said that “a clear space, means a clear head”. For some that isn’t necessarily true, but for me, it most definitely helps ease stress.


For those on the creative side, whether it be painting, sketching, making music, taking photos and other forms of art opens up numerous different ways to showcase your emotions, or simply create things that make you happier.

Let Yourself Cry

Crying isn’t a sign of weakness. Crying actually releases tension, and stress that continues to build up as you hold it in. Not everyone likes crying and that’s okay. Some cry a lot and that’s okay as well. Everyone needs a good cry every once and awhile.

Hopefully, you found something within the list you think might help. Like I stated before, these mechanisms might not help everyone, but try to branch out finding what fits you best. It’s essential to be in touch with yourself, and feelings.