Judo Master: 2020 Olympics Bound?

An emerging judo star is amongst us.


By Devin Tse, Sports Editor


From her local gym in her native Russia to the national judo stage, Sariuna Tsyzhipova is now living out her American dream.

Tsyzhipova’s judo journey began when she was eight years old in Moscow. She started off developing basic judo techniques and underwent grueling lessons and training regiments to master them. It was then that Tsyzhipova would become wholeheartedly devoted to the art of judo.

“It has made me more self-disciplined and motivated in chasing my dreams,” said Tsyzhipova.

Her life took a sudden turn when she moved to the United States three years ago. A change in lifestyle comes with both struggles and opportunities. She had to overcome the language barrier all while furthering her judo career in a new country.

After attaining belts of every conceivable level, she finally claimed the black belt at the age of fifteen. Which placed her in the highest rank thus exposing her to new levels of competition.

“Adjusting to a new society was difficult at first, but the opportunities in this country was worth the struggle,” said Tsyzhipova.

Her talent for judo began to shine as she entered multiple prestigious competitions. From 2015-2017, Tsyzhipova captured gold in the Winter Nationals, National Scholastics Championship, Junior Olympic National Championships and Junior Olympic International Championships. Her experiences in the tournaments allowed her to learn from her fellow competitors.

“Witnessing all of these judo masters and their techniques has been an eye opener for me. It gives me an opportunity to learn from them and improve myself,” said Tsyzhipova.

As her trophy case grows, so does her drive for success. Her work ethic and strive for greatness has compelled her to train even harder.

As one of the country’s top judo talents, Tsyzhipova plans to train at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center during her summer break. There she will work with the top coaches and trainers in the nation who will help her prepare for the mental and physical challenges ahead.

Tsyzhipova’s ultimate goal is to qualify for the United States Judo National Team and compete in the 2020 Olympics being held in Tokyo.

If all goes according to plan over the next two years, chances are she’ll be bringing home even more gold.

Belt Levels:
White (Junikyu)
Yellow (Juichikyu)
Orange (Jukyu)
Green (Hachikyu)
Blue (Rokkyu)
Purple (Yonkyu)
Brown (Nikyu)
Black (Dan)