By Tommy Chan

The Mirror Staff
News Editor


101 Flowers of Gratitude for the Principal

November 7, 2017

PARENT CENTER: The Van Nuys community gathers flowers to give back to their principal.

Another year, another 101 flowers. The parents of the Van Nuys High School community gifted flowers and bouquets to our principal Ms. Yolanda Gardea for all the hard work she has done on behalf of our school community.

“You need to have a good leader in order to start and continue programs and ideas; there are things you just can’t do yourself,” stated Parent Center Coordinator Mrs. Rose Avetisyan.

“Ms. Gardea is a really good leader that has started many programs that have greatly benefitted our community; she genuinely deserves this special day.”

The Van Nuys Parent Center, led by Avetisyan, coordinated the annual 101 Flowers events. Parents hand-picked flowers from their gardens and gave them to the deserving principal on Oct. 26.

Gardea is responsible for many of the successful programs, such as the English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, that attract more families to the Parent Center.

“She has helped out the parents here at the Parent Center so much; we just wanted to thank her for all the work she has done for us.”