By Shimla Rahman

Print Layout Editor


Wolves Drown Cougars

October 2, 2017

SPORTS: The Van Nuys Water Polo Team: Ball Movement is the Key to Success

The Van Nuys Water Polo Team gained their first victory of the year against Kennedy on Monday, Oct. 3.

“I believe that the team has definitely improved since our first game,” remarked co-captain Mitrovic.

Led by co-captains Tyler Jung who scored three goals and Mitrovic who scored two, Van Nuys took a commanding lead. With Davis displaying his sharp reflexes, numerous goal attempts were stopped. As Kennedy’s offense faltered, the Wolves took immediate action as they effortlessly shared the ball. Sealing the game away, was goalie Hunter Davis who scored four goals.

Final Score : 14-8

NEXT GAME: Van Nuys vs Verdugo on Friday, Oct. 6