By Gwen Langi

The Mirror Staff


Life-Saving Study Tips

November 16, 2017

STUDIES: How to effectively learn more, in less time.

Only three months into the school year and most of us have already lost motivation to go on any further. This might be due to the lack of effective studying skills.

Washington Post released an article shedding light on how not only do college students not study, but they also don’t know how to study. That’s a problem most of us probably have faced during our years in school; studying.

Below is a list of techniques you can use to learn more, in less time.

Prioritize and Plan
The best way to do this is to be wary of your strengths and weaknesses. Know what needs the most or the least studying. Prioritize your time as to devote the most time to the studies requiring the most attention.

Isolate Yourself From Distractions
Technology is a huge roadblock in effective studying. It is time-consuming and extremely distracting. Isolate yourself, turn off the technology around you or use apps targeted at blocking disturbing cites to maximize the quality of content you learn.
*SelfControl is a free app for MacBooks that allow you to choose websites to block, for however long you’d like while you study.

Stay Organized
Unorganization leads to stress and in turn leads to an unproductive study session. It’s an unnecessary and easy to fix obstacle. Thus, organize your study space to achieve an optimal study session.

Take Breaks
Allowing yourself to take breaks gives your brain time to process the information studied without overworking your mind. Overcrowding your brain with information for a long period of time leads to stress and tiredness, making your study time very ineffective.
*Make sure to regulate your time break as to not over-rest.