By Aliza Patel

The Mirror Staff

“There aren’t really a lot of differences from the previous iPhone.”


The Thousand Dollar Question

October 11, 2017

FEATURE: Apple revamps the iPhone line once again, adding facial recognition and new portrait settings. But is the new iPhone X worth it?

Phone prices have been steadily increasing in the past decade, but very few have dared to cross the thousand dollar threshold—until now.

The much anticipated new iPhones were announced on September 12, but instead of just the iPhone 8 and 8 plus, there will be a third iPhone released alongside it: the iPhone X.

The new iPhone X features facial recognition, a higher-resolution, edge-to-edge screen, and a stainless steel frame.

The starting price of the iPhone X is $999.

While many people are excited about the new iPhone X, others think the cost just isn’t worth it.

Even though the new phone has many useful features, Amrit Grewal, a student at Van Nuys High School, believes that a thousand dollars is too expensive.

“Phones are mainly just for calling and why would you want to spend that much on a phone?” asks Grewal.

Existing smartphone models already have most of the basic features of an iPhone, but come without the huge pricetag.

Originally invented for the sole purpose of calling, cell phones can now be used to text, surf the web, take high-resolution pictures, play video games, check social media, listen to music, and much more. Some students even use their phones to complete writing assignments like essays.

“You are getting calling and texting, but there are a lot more features in a smartphone, and you can search on the web instead of using a computer,” said Kyle de Guzman. “You could spend all your money on your phone and take it everywhere instead of getting a laptop.”

The yearly changes to new-model iPhones have become minimal. New additions are no longer revolutionary or unheard of, but are changes that slightly improve on an already existing feature like the camera and the operating system.

The iPhone X’s new camera features are added portrait-modes that create different background effects. Another promised addition is a more natural voice for Siri.

“There aren’t really a lot of differences from the previous iPhone.” said Guzman. He thinks since phones do so much it might someday be worth it to splurge on a more expensive one, but buying a new phone every time a new model comes out doesn’t make sense.

As smartphone features continue to advance, albeit at a slower pace, prices will likely rise. For just calling and texting, the sky-high price of the new iPhone may not make sense for everyone, but for users who are itching to get their hands on the latest technology, the X could be worth it.